Our Founder

Tamesha Calhoun is the Founder and CEO of Calhoun's Sweet Treats (CST). Founded in September 2017, CST started as a side hustle that blossomed into a full-time, partially home based bakery; We have a storefront, but we bake all of our goods at home.
In December 2015, she found out she was pregnant with her first and only child. At the time, she was working a full-time, corporate accounting job. She thought she had her career path figured out until she became a mom.
When her daughter was born, everything changed for her. The most drastic change was her career path. All she knew was accounting, and having her goal of being a top executive within a major corporation.  
September 30th, 2016 was the day her daughter was born. She remembers being on maternity leave, and thinking to herself "I don't want to return to work". From that day forward, she had every desire to figure out what her next move would be. She needed to find an additional stream of income to work towards her new goal of becoming an entrepreneur.
She worked Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm, traveled often (due to work), breastfed, picked her up from the sitter, and came home just to go to bed to do the same routine over & over. After a while, she HATED IT! 
She worked on her business day in & day out by promoting continuously to get a following/customers that needed her services.

She started CST by only selling candy apples. Those are one of her favorite treats, & so she started with what she liked. Since then, she's expanded into so many other things that she had no clue that she was good at creating. Not only does she make candy apples, she also has a signature apple that NO ONE does. It's called the "Junk in the Trunk apple", in which it is loaded with all of your favorite goodies...caramel, Butterfinger, M&M's, chocolate, and more. In addition to that, she's added cakes, chocolate covered treats, chocolate chip cookies (with or without the chocolate), cupcakes,  brownies, popcorn, and a host of other treats you'll love.

During the pandemic, she was working from home. She had even more time to focus on her business. In December 2020, she took a leap of faith (along with a budget & a plan 😀), then she walked away from her corporate job to become a full-time entrepreneur.

Everything has been rocking & rolling since she made one of the greatest decisions of her life.