Our Story


Who are we: A Family-owned and operated bakery, Calhoun's Sweet Treats is a premier bakery in Memphis, TN. We strive to model economic empowerment to underfunded communities by being the example of doing and achieving more with one treat at a time. Since 2017, our candy apples, baked goods, and treats have combined our love for great food with modern baking techniques. We initially started by offering only candy apples, but since have expanded with chocolate covered treats, popcorn, baked goods such as cakes, chocolate chip cookies, cupcakes, brownies, and confectionery artist supplies. Always made with love, Calhoun's Sweet Treats cakes and cupcakes are known for their great flavor and moistness, cookies that are soft with the right amount of crisp with each bite, creatively decorated candy apples and chocolate covered treats. We offer a sense of hope to working women that a balance between your career and family can be obtained. As women, we've been groomed to believe that we have to choose between career and family time, but we strive to show that these two things go hand in hand. After a long day of work, it's ok to take a moment to treat yourself and/or family with our delicious treats while incorporating family time.

 Our Mission: Calhoun's Sweet Treats is a huge advocate of community advancement and growth. We have participated in and hosted several give back initiatives over the years. We have a YouTube channel to offer free courses to women with a child(ren) like me so that they can have other ways to make ends meet or possibly leave their job to start a bakery business. I'm located in a disadvantaged area in my community, but I strive to offer hope that businesses can thrive regardless of the location. As time goes on, I look back at the neighborhood I grew up in. It’s so run down, so my goal for Calhoun's Sweet Treats is to go back to those neighborhoods to create a connection between thriving businesses and underfunded areas.

Our Goal: My ultimate goal is to bring corporations and small businesses to those areas so that we can create a sense of hope for low-income households and thriving businesses to offer job opportunities, increase in property value, and community growth.